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Yoga & Spin


Come begin or continue your Yoga journey at EWC. Join us for Yoga Flow, Hatha or enjoy EWC’s new “integrated Yoga” class, incorporating many styles of Yoga including Yin for total relaxation. Yoga will help you find your ability to breathe, move, balance your life and focus your mind and thoughts.


What exactly takes place in a Spin class? Spinning is a form of aerobic exercise that takes place on a specially designed stationary bike. Each Spin instructor creates a set list of motivating music, helping students visualize an invigorating cycling workout.

The “terrain” of the Spin ride is determined by turning the knob to adjust a 40 pound flywheel. Being able to adjust the terrain allows the rider to determine the intensity level of their spin ride.

Spinning rates at the top of nearly every cardio program ever created. If you’re looking to burn calories, nothing compares to a Spinning workout…a typical Spin class will burn as much as 600 calories in just 40 minutes. Best of all, there is no impact to joints.

If you take regular Spin classes, or you’re an avid outdoor cyclist, incorporating Yoga or Pilates will balance your training and help lengthen and strengthen muscles.

For best results, add two or more Yoga or Pilates sessions to your weekly Spin routine. The combination will help you to gain more effective lateral breathing while Spinning and the Yoga and Pilates will provide a stronger core.

As with all classes, a 24-hour reservation for a Spin bike is required and a cancellation fee is imposed for any class cancelled in less than 24 hours before class time.

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