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Susie Giesting – July 2012

July 2012 Pilates Reformer has changed my life! After years of back pain and what seemed like endless visits to the doctor and physical therapy, I was ready for something different. I did not want any more back injections, pain medication, or even physical therapy. During physical therapy I was asked to try some stretching on a reformer. The therapist said if I took pilates reformer classes, she would probably never see me again. The therapist was correct! I have been taking classes at Eastside Wellness Connection for three years and have not been back to physical therapy once! I am blessed to attend classes at the studio. Thank you Tami and all your instructors for your concern for my wellness and positive energy! – Susie Giesting


Susan Arnold – July 2012

I have had chronic back pain for many years. I have had numerous MRI’s that have confirmed sever degenerative disk disease in five vertebra. I’ve tried therapy and various exercises trying to avoid surgery which would end my golfing, which I love. I will admit that yoga and Pilates have been suggested by I didn’t try them until now. As a last ditch effort, I tried reformer Pilates at EWC. Within a few sessions I was feeling better and stronger. It’s now been about eight weeks and the difference in my back in nothing short of amazing! I can even sit in a regular chair for dinner, and get up after an hour with little or no pain! Before Pilates, that would be excruciating. I don’t know what took me so long to try it but I’m hooked for life now!

Sincerely, Susan Arnold


Lisa Kappesser – July 2012

I joined EWC in August 2010 and have mainly participated in the Pilates reformer classes twice a week. My youngest left for college at this time, so with time on my hands, I decided to join some fun activities. I stumbled into EWC at the suggestion of a friend.

To be honest I always hated exercising and walking, and I have not been very athletic with the exception of skating, skiing, and other recreational sports. I was skeptical that I would stick to any kind of exercise routine. However, I am proud to say I have enjoyed Pilates Reformer class so much that I have come weekly for the past year and a half. I have loved it and look forward to it! I believe I have not only strengthened and toned my muscles, but have improved my balance, posture, breathing and coordination. I have even lost 4 very difficult pounds that I have been trying to loose for the past few years. I added walking 3 times a week and cutting down on carbs to my Pilates and this played a part in my weight loss. The trained Pilates Reformer instructors have always kept me engaged by changing up the “routines” on a weekly basis, and through use of various equipment and weights. I find myself still learning to do new things with my body that I did not think I could do, which has lead to increased confidence and motivation to keep coming. I have enjoyed all the instructores with their own style, emphasis, sense of humor, and learn from the conversations in class, although I am fairly quiet myself.

I would recommend Tami, her studio and staff to anyone thinking of taking up Pilates, spinning and yoga. She delivers results through her trained and personable staff, efficient studio operations, and the welcoming atmosphere of her newly remodeled and decorated studio.


Dianne Johnson 4/11/2012

After years of weight lifting and various forms of cardio, I finally decided to try Pilates in September, 2010. I had always wanted to try Pilates, but just never got around to pursuing it. I had actually won a gift certificate to a place called Eastside Wellness Connections…but life went on and I just held onto the certificate, thinking I would call that place “soon.”

Fast forward about five years and a few pounds. Having lived through a glorious menopause, and getting poorer and poorer results with my current exercise regimen, I decided now was the time to just go for it with Pilates. After all, if it worked for dancers and celebrities, it could work for me.

I found this charming little studio tucked away in its own little plaza. At my introductory class, I fell completely in love with Pilates! It was the type of exercise I had needed, and what my muscles, indeed my whole body, had been craving all those years. No other exercise had ever made me so firm so fast and made me feel so overall strong and healthy. I knew I’d found my exercise destiny. I dove into reformer classes four times per week, got a monthly membership, and talked about Pilates constantly to everyone I knew. Finally, I had a hard little core for abs and a tight little bum to match. My body felt exhilarated! My class schedule shaped my life and I lived for reformer class. Pilates at EWC became a major part of my life very quickly.

Another delightful dimension added to my life by EWC is the camaraderie I feel with all the other Pilates ladies and the instructors. It’s fun to be around other ladies who enjoy Pilates as much as I do. What a nice group of women! Everyone is so friendly and supportive of each other, and I feel very much at home in the studio. All of our instructors are genuinely interested in me and my progress. When I first started, I had a lot of questions on technique and they worked me through it. I have attended Pilates classes in different cities, but none of those classes were as thorough and comprehensive as the ones at EWC. We are lucky to have such talented instructors guiding us, plus they are fun and nice and encouraging!

I love how EWC is like my own personal studio, like a secret retreat. It’s hard to believe this little jewel of a place was right there all along. EWC has a peaceful, serene atmosphere that is warm and inviting. When I enter the studio, I am drawn in by the aura. I like the positive vibes and the clean, open feel of the space. Classes and chatting are enjoyable, pleasant and relaxing in this atmosphere. When my body feels crummy, I spend some time there and let it work its wonders on me. When I leave, I am refreshed and invigorated.

Last September, I really felt the significant impact that EWC and Pilates had on my life, when I had treatments for breast cancer recurrence. I kept going to class during my good weeks, and everyone was so kind and supportive, but I also missed weeks at a time. My husband bought me a reformer to use at home, but on most days I was too weak to do even a little work on that. It felt like all I did was lie on the sofa. My muscles were weak and tight and my body felt all messed up. I craved, craved! that feeling of strength and well-being I got from froggy and leg circles and C-curve and all those ball exercises! Oh, how I missed my beloved Pilates classes and seeing everyone at the studio!

Fast-forward to February and the end of treatments. I am SO happy to be back to my classes and seeing my Pilates friends! It took me several weeks to work back up to my regular schedule, but the instructors helped me through it and I am once again feeling that strong and healthy feeling you get from Pilates, deep down in all your muscles, down to the very core of your being. I am feeling again the thrill of my body having strength all its own. It is once again absolutely exhilarating to flex and stretch and strengthen and really experience every muscle in my body. Like the first time I knew Pilates was my exercise destiny, I am clinging to Pilates as the essential core of my life and my health. I would feel incomplete without it and I know I will do Pilates forever. I truly love, love! my Pilates. And I have EWC to thank for that!