Our Instructors


Tami – Owner

Tami has been teaching Yoga, Pilates, and Spin for over 15 years. Having been a respiratory therapist, she understands how important it is to stay active and healthy. When she's not in the studio, she's spending time with her children and grandchildren, or grabbing her cowboy boots and heading to Nashville.


Arlana - Pilates

Arlana is a PMA certified instructor with special interest in pre and postnatal work. She is an overall fitness junkie, so to speak... she loves all things to do with health and wellness. Outside of the studio, she's running, jumping, and skipping somewhere with her family in tow... or stealing all the snuggles with her fur baby and her daughter.


Bob – Yoga

Bob has been teaching yoga, meditation and breathing practices for over 8 years. Outside of his love of Yoga, Bob is an Energy Healer as well as a published poet in over two dozen academic journals.


Brian – Pilates

Brian is certified in the Pendleton Pilates Method and has been teaching at EWC since it first opened. Outside of the studio, Brian trains springboard divers at Clifton Meadows, where he has been a coach for 20+ years, is a school teacher, and enjoys exploring the city and attending music and theatrical performances.


Deb - Pilates

Certified in the EWC Method, Deb strives to constantly be learning to teach the body philosophy that saved her back... Pilates. Her mantra is "Do no Harm". Outside of the studio Deb can be found traveling, cooking, or reading... or all of the above!


eden - energetic jazz dance

An early career in dance where she danced professionally and ran her own studio for 5 years after many years of training in ballet, jazz, and tap. Competed on a national level in rhythmic gymnastics for the University of Maine earning a spot on the US elite team, she has a BA in Dance Therapy and an MS in Physical Education. She currently also teaches jazz and tap at the Cincinnati Children’s Theatre. 


erica - yoga

Erica fell in love with yoga after attending her first class in 1998. She began teaching in 2004 and truly believes in the power of yoga to strengthen the body, calm the mind, and heal the spirit. When not at the studio, Erica can be found hanging out with her husband and two children, walking her two golden retrievers at Juilfs Park, or curling up with a good book and her two cats.


Heidi - Pilates

Heidi is certified in the Fuerza Pilates Method and has extensive training in injury prevention and pain management. She has a special love for neck, shoulder, and pelvis injuries. When she's not doing Pilates, she is running her two small businesses, hanging with her husband and dogs, and is the primary caregiver to her father-in-law.


Jane – Pilates

Jane has been teaching at EWC since 2005. Her classes are slow and mindful, encouraging focus, control, and breathing. Jane is also a potter. Making functional pieces she infuses with Reiki Energy. Her and her husband love to travel, especially to far away places where they scuba dive, and enjoy the outdoors. They also enjoy spending time with their two grandchildren.


JENNY – spin

Jenny loves cardio work and teaching spin has been her passion for the past 6 years. You can find her hiking with her German Shepherds, here or in Montana. When she does find time to sit still, bridge and knitting are her addictions.


Lynn – Pilates

After several injuries from running, Lynn decided to try Pilates. Within that first session she fell in love with the significant impact Pilates had on her body. Now Certified in the EWC Method, Lynn wants to share her passion with others. Outside of the studio, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, painting, photography, the outdoors, and travel.


Pepper – Mascot

Pepper loves being the studio mascot and saying hello to all of our clients. Outside of the studio, he loves being outdoors. Pepper is happiest when hiking and just being in nature. He enjoys spending time with his mom on the lake, and is always smiling.

rachel d.jpg

Rachel D. – Spin + Pilates

Rachel has been teaching fitness classes for over 12 years. She stumbled into the fitness world after losing 100 lbs on her own. Certified in both the Pendleton Pilates Method and Balanced Body, she's been teaching at EWC for 10 years. Rachel is a busy lady between teaching Mommy & Me classes and caring for her four kids, husband, and her fur babies.


Rachel R. – Yoga

Certified through the Yoga Alliance, Rachel is a natural instructor. She truly enjoys planning new sequences for her classes each week. She is a ten year resident of Mt. Washington, where she enjoys time with her husband and her two rescue Pitties. She spends a lot of time reading when she's not conducting research for her day job.