Pilates at Eastside Wellness Rocks! They’re workout emphasis on building and maintaining hip and core strength enables me to do all the outdoor activities I love to do – biking, hiking and more!
— Joe Motz

EWC provides seasoned, veteran teachers who are knowledgeable and highly trained in the different types of classes offered. They provide support and empowerment to all students of varied skill levels, ages, and goals. Classes are offered throughout the day to accommodate different time schedules. Overall, EWC promotes good health, work/life balance, friendship, and harmony. Love this welcoming and inspiring wellness center!
— Mary LaBolt

Fitness experts say the key to overall better health is to focus on cardio, muscle strength and flexibility. My workout included both cardio and strength training, but the tightness / soreness in my muscles told me that I had to do better with flexibility. So, I tried Beginner’s Yoga at EWC. I feel increased flexibility all over, but particularly in my lower back/sciatic, an on-going stress point for me. Tami and her instructors are great – I’d recommend yoga and EWC to anyone seeking overall better health.
— Pete Buscani

I am very grateful to you and your staff for the wonderful programs you run and your dedication to the welfare of your students. I have been coming to EWC for six years. I have always enjoyed the exercise programs and getting to know the other ladies who exercise there. Over the past two years I have not been able to attend classes as often as I might have liked. My husband was terminally ill and his needs came first. During that time period my muscles became stiff with tension. My neck and shoulders were so sore I found it difficult to sleep at night and I had trouble turing my head. This past November I began taking private lessons with Heidi as well as one additional class per week. The classes have restored the function in my neck and have considerably reduced the pain in my shoulders. These problems did not appear overnight and I know that it will take some time to be resolved. I am confident that continuing classes at EWC will eventually restore better function to all of my muscles. I am very grateful to you and all of our staff for improving my quality of life.
— Cindy Maxson